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Cheap Digital Cameras at Wholesale Digital Camera Inexpensive Prices


Simply the best cheap digital cameras on the net! Unbelievably affordable, it fits in your pocket and is like having 3 cameras in one! …Our inexpensive 640 x 480 cameras combine a digital camera, a web cam and a camcorder that records video clips. FINALLY! A Digital Camera at Cheap Wholesale Prices.



Bring your computer to life with LIVE video conferencing between you and your family, friends, kids, students, colleagues or customers, anywhere over the Internet without long distance charges. Meet new friends in virtual video chat rooms. Please see our Nikon CoolPix Digital Camera in full display. Send digital photographs and video clips via email. Photograph your products and put them on your website. The possibilties are simply endless!
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checkmark  easy to use
checkmark  holds up to 60 pictures at 640 x 480
checkmark  USB plug & play interface
checkmark  makes a great web cam
checkmark  video mode!


Wholesale digital camera purchase enquiries welcome


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